AfftonWeather all the time!
It's quick and easy. Here's how.

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Streaming LIVE weather data directly to your desktop with the AW Desktop Sticker.

Thanks to our partnership with the good folks over at in conjunction with Ambient Software, it is now possible to monitor's LIVE data stream without even opening up your browser. You'll have a sticky window floating on your Windows desktop which you can resize to fill as much or as little screen space as you want and you won't have to download anyone's pesky adware ridden software gadget to do it. It all happens with components that Windows is already equipped with and it only takes 2 minutes! (We can only certify that this works with Windows XP.)

So, let's get started!

1. Right click on your desktop and select Properties.
2. In the Display Properties window that appears select Desktop.
3. Now click Customize Desktop.
4. In the Desktop Items window select the Web tab at the top.
5.Click the New button, then past the following URL into the widow that pops up:

then click OK.
6. A window
will appear alerting you that you are about to add this item to your active desktop interface. Click OK. You will see a very quick synchronization progress bar appear and then you are ready.
7. Click OK to close out all the dialog boxes that remain. In just a minute you should see a small box appear on your desktop with the WeatherUnderground Flash applet which contains LIVE data.

This little window can be placed anywhere on your desktop screen. Make it small down in the corner, or enlarge it to take up your whole screen, visible from accross a big room. We love the simplicity of this trick and the clean design of the window.

If you want to close it and get it back again another time, just follow steps 1 through 4 and check the box next to the URL you created. It will usually be the bottom one.

The picture behind the graphics is randomly selected each time you reload the applet. If you don't like the picture you came up with no problem. Just look for a little dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the window. Click that little arrow and select Synchronize. That will represh the page and BOOM you have a new picture. There are lots of great weather images to choose from and you can make them a reflection of your mood for the day. Hopefully you choose the sunny shots.